Vampyre News


04-11-2020: A new awakening story is online: Confessio by Ava Lyna

22-10-2020: A new article is online: Sexual Vampyrism – An Introduction

16-10-2020: A new article is online: Vampyres awakening – A wild journey

10-10-2020: A beautiful new awakening Story of a psychic vamypre – Legio Sanguinis

24-09-2020: Some of the previously password-protected awakening stories are now freely accessible. Hereby thanks to all who contribute!

24-09-2020: New beautiful awakening story Between hot cocoa and bloody dreams – From Anonymous 

22-09-2020: New article available in Awakening

18-09-2020: You can now find a – so far small but nice – link collection under the menu item “About”

14-09-2020: Currently I am networking a little bit. There are some beautiful websites and also blogs that deal with realvampyrism in various facets. So from now on there is a new section where you can find further links. 🙂

06-09-2020: New awakening story – From Anonymous (only german)

05-09-2020: Today a new post went online : The animal in the vampyre

04-09-2020: Dear ones, I am working on translating the site into English. 🙂

This should help to connect and strengthen the vampyric community.