Energetic Vampyrism in everyday life and the distinction to Sanguine Vampyrism

Be it the boss who lacks psychological strength, who may have had a busy day and had to make difficult decisions, or the nurse who is overly stressed by work. The student who was bullied at school, or the student who was overlooked at university.

All these interpersonal inattentions – or in the worst case attacks-weakens everyone. No one feels good after an insult. The boss may become the culprit as soon as she comes home and scolds the husband for unfinished housework. She takes energy from him, which she lacks herself, by taking her frustration out on him, forcing herself to take a more powerful position. This way of dealing with her own deficits only leads to more suffering. The same is true for the student who is the victim first and either remains on a low energy level or also commits a perpetration.


An “energetic vampire” is especially aware of this loss of energy (as surely as meditators or other mindfulness practitioners are) and his path to dissolving this state involves recharging his batteries in a self-reflective setting by absorbing energy, taking into account the participants. It is a different perspective on the same thing.

     For this purpose, he may seek out a friend who is bursting with energy or happiness and who will rebuild him. Such an exchange of energy is therefore not always of a conscious nature – pantha rei. We do not have to decide to want to feel better. It just happens. The friend does not have to be “tapped” purposefully, he sprays his overflowing strength.

Others go to places where large crowds of people come together, maybe a concert or a busy pedestrian zone. There you can move unnoticed through the crowds and catch a little bits” of energy  here and there. You don’t take anything that is not available in abundance anyway. 

Nobody would call me a freeloader when I meet with friends and absorb the energy that flows – a romantic mood, a funny event, exuberant partying. All this fills you with a fresh spirit. This is not a typical vampire behavior. What is “typical for vampires” is the sharpened awareness of these energies flowing.

Still others explicitly look for an intimate moment that offers them what they need. They must or want to focus for this – they may suffer from an energy loss that is perceived as particularly unpleasant. They may seek a donor, a person they are very close to. These relationships are usually very intimate, not necessarily sexual. A donor offers and benefits from the excessed energy that otherwise makes themselves restless and unfocused.

So it is a give and take. No one is simply robbed (unless they are the ones who act thoughtlessly – but they certainly wouldn’t call themselves energy vampires…). And nobody is forced – at least in a mindful world.

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