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Websites about community-organisation:


Totally Cute Bunny

Welcome to the world of Human Living Vampires. Oh you wanted bunnies, well see not every bunny is harmless. I might be one of the nicer people you meet, doesn’t means I am toothless. Live has blessed me with a condition that is called Human Living Vampirism. Or technically vampirism, you want to learn more? Dig deeper!


The Porcelain Vampire Speaks

Welcome to my home on the internet. Ever wondered what’s it’s like to be a real vampire? Allergic to the sun? Have porphyria? This is my story. Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. No advice given is from a medical professional. Please consult your own doctor. No, I am not a roleplayer. No, I am not a life-styler. No, I do not turn into a bat. Want to know more about me? Profile is over there, go check it out.


Being a Swan

I am a black swan, a friend of vampires. I am also a donor, I allow vampires to feed from me. This is my blog about life as a swan.


Wikis & Link collections:


The Black Books 

A website for networking, also for individual regulars’ tables or covens. 🙂 Very nicely designed and clearly arranged. You can create your own profile and indicate there if you are looking for a donor or donating yourself. But there are also many websites etc. which can be found here. There is also a library. 🙂



A website that provides links to a variety of related sites, whether blog or discord channel – this is where you will find what you are looking for. 🙂