This area is deliberately intended to protect both the readers (in the case of triggers) and the authors (privacy).

There is room for all kinds of contributions, which should not be available to everyone.

On request and at my own discretion I will give out the password.

Before all other topics there should be a platform for own awakening here. In one or the other of them there were perhaps borderline encounters/conditions that not every internet user should be able to read. If you are active in forums, you have the possibility to post anonymously here. I am happy about contributions and solemnly swear to take your secrets to the grave. My own first post here, deals with such a delicate topic 😉

For everyone else: Grab a glass of wine and browse in peace!


P.S.: Once you have entered the PW for a post, you can read all other protected posts in the same go. 🙂

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