Real Vampyres

Having grown up and socialized in the 21st century with a growing ego relationship, I define “my vampyrism” accordingly as not transcending the individual – everyone feels differently about it, everyone makes their own special experiences. You can read about my own awakening in my blog. Here I try to give you a first rough overview of the subculture and explain the most important terms.


Real vampyres differ from fictional vampyres (as known from literature and movies) as those who call themselves vampires use this term as a community-building and identifying element – they are simply humans who either like to consume other people’s blood and/or energy or feel the urge to do so.

They identify themselves in essence with the desire for a substance that finds its meaning both in traditional myths and stories and in dynamic subcultural processes.

The fictitious transformation by the bite or the blood donation of a vampire to a human, is by the way exactly that – fictitious. Real vampyres usually see themselves as a (human) variety of nature. We are not made – we already are – and have to explore this inner nature.

The vampyres I am writing about here do not see themselves as immortal, supernatural beings. On the contrary, they are well aware of their belonging to the human species and do not reject them in any way. The difference to the rest of the population lies in their special behavioral pattern, which has to be interpreted according to their point of view and motivation – and actually always individually.

 In short: No, we do not consider ourselves a special species. No, we do not play a role. And no, the diagnosis of a personality disorder is available to very few as it does to every social group. This can, but does not have to be the basis for vampyrism.

So here is a small compendium about this very special community and its special motives:


Certainly it has been noticed that the original spelling with “i” used in the German language has been replaced by the spelling with a “y”. So the term “Vampyre” is obviously derived from the term “vampire”.

“Vampyrism” is just a descriptive name for what makes us what we are. The change in spelling is intended to maintain the core reference to some characteristics of the traditional figure, but also to create a distance to the fictional figure.

There are many other names, which some people prefer as more appropriate, but I will refrain from making an exhaustive list here. At this point I will only mention the term “Nathwaithia” in various spellings. 


The real vampyrism divides itself more or less and under various connecting elements into two major currents. The energetic and the sanguine vampyrism. Here it should be noted that a mixture of the two is quite common.

Beginning with the energetic vampyrism, it should be said that here a desire of the vampire for energy is the main motive.

Many then turn to occult topics, deal with topics such as “aura vision” and “energy manipulation” or stumble upon the currently omnipresent “meditation topic” and all the areas of interest associated with it. Mindfulness of oneself and other counterparts are the only way to access the topic.

Understanding in dealing with energies then leads to more acceptance and an individually appropriate handling of one’s own needs.

However, some people find their way even without external influences, using energies intuitively or attributing a special role to blood as a medium for them.

“Spirituality” is unfortunately a rather hackneyed term and characterized by various esoterically strongly distorted views, but at its core it certainly meets the discussion of such “subtle” topics. Some vampires would describe themselves as spiritual, while others push the term far away despite the close connection to the mentioned topics.

The sanguine vampyre, on the other hand, relies partly or completely on blood as the source of his desire. Here you can find those who feel a more or less strong urge to consume blood (nobody ‘must’ do so to survive!). We owe our name mainly to this motivation.

 Among them are those who rely solely on tangible explanations, also – or only – based on scientific explanations (e.g. iron deficiency). On the other hand, many make use of religious, traditional or magical elements.

Within the two superordinate groups of purely energetic or sanguine practitioners there are generous overlaps and flowing boundaries. Many combine the two to (re)establish an inner psychological stability. Be it to compensate for a missing donor (donor) or to establish a balance between physical energy (blood) and energetic flow – the motivations are diverse and as individual as each vampyre is.

De facto, I currently use both currents to find an explanation for my behavior and motivation. Once I have found the true ones, my awakening will end, one way or another.

Apart from these two larger categories within which vampyrism is defined, there are many other ideas, varieties and definitions that form a subculture together with all other participants. For the time being, Ferroxvamypirsmus and sexual vampyrism should be mentioned here.


Without them a vampyre would not be a happy vampyre donor. They are the counterpart who can help a vampyre to fulfill his dreams. And this not without reaching his fulfillment himself.

Here two complementary parties meet. Just as there is the vampyre who suffers from a deficiency (not everyone considers this motive as their own) or longs for a union, so there is the donor on the other hand, who agrees to give something of himself to help another to his happiness. Be it in the form of energy, blood or both.

Donors belong to the so-called “black swans”. This includes the group of all those with knowledge, friends and supporters who do not necessarily donate or drink themselves.

So all donors are Black Swans, but not every Black Swan is a donor. They are an important support and a wonderful link to other subcultures. They help with their acceptance and own views, they can ground and inspire.

As the last in direct contrast, the “White Swans” should be mentioned. This is the name given to those who are not aware of this community or are aware of it in the wrong way.

This spectrum includes on the one hand the deniers, who reject or reject such vampyrism together with all other occult and unprovable varieties of human nature as non-existent. On the other hand, there are also the ignorant, who cannot even imagine that such an arrangement of human subculture can endure.


When I speak of awakening, I am referring to the awareness of one’s own already invested vampyric nature.

Every vampyre begins with the search for explanations for their own behavior at a highly individual time. The age does not play a role here, nor does profession, career or marital status. Some people notice a craving for blood after a colleague in the office cuts himself on the paper in front of his eyes, while others question whether their preference for vampyre novels is solely of a romantic nature or whether there is more behind it.

This questioning of conventions and one’s own motivation, the associated search for explanations and the awareness of an inherent vampyre nature are a process we call “awakening”. It can be long and winding, in phases or in a straight line.

In the end, at best enlightenment and self-acceptance beckon, at worst denial. Because of the highly individual nature of this process, I dedicate a separate section (password protected) to Awakened Beings and their stories. I myself am currently in exactly this process, learning something new every day and trying to be open to new things. So at some point I too will come to a conclusion and the awakening will end – one way or another.


Blood has a meaning deeply rooted in Western culture, its red color stands for power and energy, many expressions and winged words are rooted in its essential meaning as a connecting or power-giving element (e.g. “blood brotherhood”, “blood is thicker than water”, “lifeblood”, but also “blood revenge” etc.).

In every culture from antiquity to the present day, in the East as well as in the West, it has played an important, if not sacred, role as a life-giving good. Be it the blood of Christ, which is able to establish a connection to God in the Eucharist, or the animal sacrifice, which in ancient Greece was used for baptism in blood, in the assumption that its strength was passed on to the baptized. The blood sacrifice in ancient times was considered a gift to the gods and is still used in blood magic today, here as everywhere else in the world… the examples of its meaning and use are countless and diverse.

Vampyres usually regard blood as an energy-carrying medium, the consumption of which serves to exchange or transfer energies. But even here there is a kaleidoscope of meanings and ideas that are only scratched on the surface here.

What all vampyres have in common is that they pay special tribute to blood as a source of life and energy. It enjoys the claim of a preciousness. Accordingly, vampyres attach great importance to the responsible use of this special elixir of life. On my own search I have hardly come into contact with it myself, as I have never consciously consumed it from a willing donor. Its significance for me personally will have to be revealed to me first.


In conclusion: one could write books about this subculture and its symbols and yet never fully grasp them. It is, like many others, in an eternally dynamic and collectively progressive process of self-discovery and -realization. With each person who joins or leaves the community, the system changes, gains new insights and changes its meaning.

Now here you read so cheerfully about “vampyrism” and “drinking blood” and maybe shake your head inside. The term “vampire” is simply insanely worn out. You think of glitter vamps and old-fashioned updoes of a certain Mr. Dracula, of Vlad Tepes and Brad Pitt… not helpful!

In a time, in which all answers are coming to you, a deep search for answers is a fulfilling and above all self-effective task.   

So what do we do? Exactly. We let go. We let go of these inner images and start anew. From now on the term grows with ourselves!



I will not give any instructions here on self-harming behaviour or on the subject of blood taking!

Reports etc. that are triggered in a special way are only made accessible with password protection.

You are instructed to act on your own responsibility. 

This blog is only meant to provide psychological (and possibly spiritual) background information about vampyrism.