Sexual Vampyrism – An Introduction

Sexual vampyrism represents a special form among the other lived vampyric forms. Today I will venture a summary of this colorful and absolutely enriching variety of vampyrism, which coexists with sanguine and energetic variants. 

During my research I stumbled upon an informative contribution of the Federal Agency for Civic Education. The article itself does not deal with real vampyrism, but with fictional vampyrism (and its interpretation in relation to pop culture), but already in the 2nd paragraph it offers some exciting approaches, which I would like to look at here in order to be able to examine vampyrism in the context of sexuality. The complete article is absolutely worth reading and can be found here: Vampire Trouble: Gender, Sexuality and the Monstrous (Janina Scholz, BPB – In German only!)

The “Third” Gender

They cannot have children, but multiply anyway. The vampires bite is deadly and at the same time lustful, it brings unrest in sexual morals and sexual order. Their “incoherent bodies resist systematic structuring”,[3] cross strict boundaries. Vampire figures cannot be clearly assigned to any gender, their sexuality is ambivalent, their bloodlust is directed at women and men alike. Vampiric figures do not submit to the logic of binary thinking and take on many meanings […] – Janina Scholz, M.A., born 1979; colleague at the Graduate College of Gender Studies at the University of Basel/Switzerland; doctoral candidate at the Humboldt University of Berlin. ([3] Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Monster Culture. Seven Theses, in: ders. (Ed.), Monster Theory. Reading Culture, Minneapolis-London 1996, pp. 3-25, here: S. 6.)

To be honest, this description reads like my wish list for the society of tomorrow. Everybody should be able to classify himself sexually as their wants to. In Germany we are so lucky to be able to hold on to a 3rd gender even in our passports. But I also notice a progressive development in everyday life towards more acceptance of queer ways of life. This can also be due to my filter bubble, which one don’t like to leave of course.. 

The traditional (sexualized) figure of the vampire certainly also plays a role in the development of socio-culturally grown realvampyric communities. As a community we can hardly dissociate ourselves from the cultural narratives about vampires that are taking place at the same time. We try to draw the line to the fictitious (immortality and blood drinking through a bite definitely belong in the non-lived, fictitious corner), but many aspects, such as the sexual one or simply the fact that (partly) blood is consumed, do play a role in the creation of identity. In the end, we stick to the term “vampire”.

But to come back to the topic: Sexual vampyirism can and should be considered equally with the sanguine and the psychological. It represents a separate variation on the same level as the other two ways of life. I will try to find a definition and the possible motivation behind it. 


Sexuality in all its facets appears omnipresent (at least in the western world). Every day we interact with sexualized content (advertising, series, etc.) – in a way that it has became part of our normality, a normality that was unthinkable just a few decades ago. “Sex sells” has become a familiar word in media and marketing agencies. It remains to be seen to what extent we are finally blunted in the face of such content (whereupon the advertisers put a shovel on top of it).

It is certainly gratifying that our society is moving towards a more liberal approach to different gender identities and sexual behavior – but by only shifting the “normative” is not enough. It does not mean that there is not still something new to discover and integrate. The sexual vampyrism is, together with homosexuality (almost an old hat), asexuality and BDSM (and much more), able to show us the limits of these normative constructs.

I do not know about you, but borderline experiences are the salt in my soup of life. And sexuality can give you the means to push forward into yourself (lol…), to recognize your own limits and to compare them with the outer socially defined ones and finally to cross them – to discover a new world immediately. Ultimately, such border transgressions enabled me to integrate even parts of my personality that had previously been separated. To become concrete: I questioned why my social environment had drawn a line exactly there and not somewhere else, what this says about exactly this society and whether I would like to support or dissolve this separation forced by external forces. Sexuality is a means of choice. It still sounds really abstract…


By approaching the BDSM scene at a fairly young age, which promised a wealth of exciting practices and expected outstandingly socialized and communicative participants, I was able to make the step from “heteronormative sexuality” to a more promising world of experience. I could experience pain in a way that was fulfilling for me. I was in the happy position to find access to offers that did not lead me into any underground, but into loving arms. I was able to experiment and gain experiences that told me a lot about myself and my dynamics as a subject integrated into a society.

Pain, this unpleasant thing, which was often not considered further or even branded as an important part of life, but a necessary and immediately to avoid evil, became a metaphor for me beyond a flattened world of experience within social dogmas: it became a part of my world of experience that could be full of relish. My conclusion was not to avoid it at all costs, but to welcome it. I was able to resist him, to endure him and even to transform him into something positive, which in the end made me resurrect happily from a circumstance that could also become unpleasant at times. Pain, be it metaphorical or very real, has thus become for me a symbol of the night, followed by the day.

Surely not everyone has to go through exactly these experiences to understand that pain is a reality enriching component! 😀

Definition and Classification of Sexual Vampyrism

Sexual vampyrism is one of its own varieties. It can be defined in its own right or it can give rise to new forms through the sexualization of other vampyric practices. On the one hand, there are those who profit energetically from the act (as well as the before or after), on the other hand, there are those who sexualize their “actually” lived vampyrism (e.g. the sanguine) (in the sense of blood consumption and subsequent sexual acts).

Certainly all those with (hetero)normative sexuality would agree if I said: Consensually lived, openly communicated and fulfilling sexuality has the potential to make someone emerge from such an act strengthened and energized. Tantra, erotic massages, a hot flirt in the club – energy always flows between the participants. Nothing else happens between vampyre and partner – with the difference maybe that more conscious perception is given.

To what extent sexual and energy vampyrism can overlap you can read here.

Another way of living sexual vampyrism can also provide the framework in which blood is involved in sexual practices. People may drink from each other before having sexual intercourse, or they may consume during it. A possible starting point for blood consumption could therefore be an aroused emotional state that naturally leads to a sexual act. 

But even those who have little to do with such esoterically charged terms like “energy” or “chakra” can feel completely at home here. The sexual act has been extensively researched and provides many explanations for the feeling of well-being after a sexual act. Vampyrism then plays a major role as a motivation for reaching this state – a hunger that is satisfied, compensation for a loss or simply the pursuit of fulfillment and intimacy.



This is where sexual vampyrism falls on fertile ground – one of the most valuable aspects of the community is certainly the friendly and outright accepting interaction with each other, which extends to pretty much all areas of life, including the sexual identity and lived sexuality of its members. Hardly any other community I have encountered so far treats all its members as equally as I do.

No artificial power gap is created, since donor and vampire profit from each other without idealizing and living power-generating structures, as known from BDSM communities. These generated structures certainly have their own charm 😉

But the vampyric community also gets along fine without them. I don’t want to give any judgement as a part of both communities, I only present the socio-cultural structures that I perceive. Exceptions confirm the rule.

Possibly the community serves as a refuge for “deviant” people because every practice that is carried out by consensus is accepted here. As long as everyone is happy with an activity, talks about it and works with the concepts, no one – especially no outsider – has the right to judge or condemn someone for being “like that”. Rather, the experiences of the individual are gladly added to a common inherent identity.

If someone is willing to share their experiences, these become part of this community. It is also quite possible that they simply carry more weight in a community of such a manageable size. So, vampyric activities are certainly the unifying element, but it is only through the open acceptance of further fringe groups, which participate (also vampyric, but not only) in the identity of the group, that a space could be created that cheerfully and calmly precedes a society that is only just beginning to understand the advantages of living together in this way.


What a headline! Dark romantic, mystical, attractive. Certainly we are not too far away from the romantic scenes in movies and television, where a vampire bites his victim, overpowers him, makes him submissive (how was it again with the power gap…? :D), ensnares him with his charm and finally embraces him in a storm of passion. Except for the thing with “biting till blood flows”, this sounds like a very charming scenery to me. And it sounds like something that I know is very much lived out in Vamypric relationships in this or a similar way. 


So let us take a closer look at the act of biting:

Biting has in the context of the circumstances quite different reasons and thus effects.

In early childhood development, biting activities are part of a normal development for various reasons. Here we must learn that biting is not an adequate means of communication. A desire for attention or the desire to discover and defend one’s own spaces must first be learned by other means.

Crunching is another example, in which pressing the jaws firmly together usually leads to headaches and even more stress instead of relaxation. Everybody talks about the trigger stress, but nobody talks about the effect that the own body actually pursues with it – the reduction of stress. 

And who doesn’t know the stimulating advertising of a toothpaste manufacturer: Here, bright white teeth bite into a juicy green apple, a large piece is torn out and chewed with relish.

Biting, eating, chewing – these forms of sensory stimulation are also used in a sexual context. Those who bite their partner out of passion, possibly into a particularly vulnerable part of the body, such as the neck, usually do so without thinking about it beforehand; it seems to be a downright intuitive expression of precisely this arousal. In such a moment it seems quite natural to bite and nibble – always under the condition not to really hurt the partner where he doesn’t want it.  😀

This is where the supposed gap between sexuality and vampyrism is closing more and more. Nobody would call themselves vampyr because of such behavior – and yet their actions are the same. 

I admit, however, that sexually motivated drinking is on a different page of the same book.

A vampyre is certainly capable of experiencing ecstatic states just by drinking blood (you can read more about thirst here), what could it be like to have sex at the same time – in succession or while drinking? I guess the boundaries blur quite often by themselves. The intimacy that is necessary for drinking is certainly related to the sexually initiated. 

But just as often, there is a strict separation between sexuality and blood (or energy) consumption! There “it is absolutely sufficient” to drink blood or to refuel energy – sex is simply not necessary. 

Elsewhere it may not be wanted, after all there are enough vampyres who live in partnerships where it is clear what and who they are, but where their has no possibility to satisfy his need. A friendly helper, a donor, then becomes a vicarious agent and confidant, but not a sexual partner.

But I can also imagine that there are vampyres for whom a connection between blood and sexuality is too close to the blood fetish. The community is not a “reservoir” for a fetish, but stands for a deep connection to the medium blood and its mystical, energetic or simply nourishing aspects, which goes beyond the pure excitability through blood. However, the definition of fetish in its original form also includes this rather unsexy formulation: “According to ICD-10-GM F65.0, the “use of dead objects as stimuli for sexual arousal and satisfaction”[11] is defined as sexual fetishism. – Wikipedia. According to this definition, the presence of the person is no longer a requirement. The object of desire is now only the object (in this case it would be blood).

Certainly there are some donors who can act out their fetish for the benefit of the vampyre (and for their own benefit). Why not benefit from the donor being sexually aroused by the sight of blood? For sure he will not complain and if it fits for both – perfect!

The bond with blood, whatever its nature may be, goes far beyond pure fetishism in the community.

You see, my article is also a plea for this special form of realvampyrism. It represents an enrichment. It can very well distinguish itself from fetishism, but does not necessarily have to do so.


Maybe one or the other feels encouraged! *Cheers*

In conclusion, I can state for myself that once again there are as many definitions of vampyrism as there are vampyres. And every conversation is unique, every relationship individual and the community a wonderful echo of all these voices.


Incubus and Succubus (Wiki entry)

Sexual Vampyrism as a fetish

Vampyrism as a paraphilia


I would also like to point out again that although I always try to include all views, I do not always succeed or can not succeed in doing so in the heat of battle. If you have a different opinion or want to share further aspects of the topic “Sexual Vampyrism”, feel free to comment. 🙂

Vampyres Awakening – A wild travel

Vampyrisches Erwachen, vampyres awakening

Vampyric awakening is a concept within the real vampyre community that can best be described as “becoming aware”. Vampyres are therefore not made, but born as such. At least they have a corresponding emotional and behavioral disposition, although we are not talking about a new species here. Rather, it refers to a certain mindset, special experiences that have been made, and the often inexplicable desire for blood or the urge to absorb energy. In the end, these factors usually lead to an approach to the topic of vampyrism.

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Born to Darkness

Psychic awakening

Psychic Awakening 

By Legio Sanguinis


Growing up is inevitable. Childhood’s end is marked by the realization that the fantasies and stories we were told as children can only prepare us so much for the real world. We learn about heroes, villains and monsters. At the core of these stories are these archetypes; Idealised embodiments of the whole of human experience. The way in which these archetypes take form for us is dependent upon our upbringing; Whether we chose to believe in an overall order in the Cosmos or not is our own decision. Are we the hero, or the villain in our own story? Or do we fall somewhere in between?


Some of us have a second growing up of sorts. Aside from coming to terms with the harshness of the world and its seeming lack of orderliness at times, we are able to sense  invisible entanglements which join all things. These links can be emotions such as suffering; Pain; Joy, and even pleasure. In a strange way, we can follow these like a beacon; Drawn to them like moths to a flame, or sharks to blood. 

This isn’t something which is taught, nor which can be exactly learnt, but definitely a skill which is honed and perfected. The way in which a fish instinctively knows how to breathe underwater, so do we few have to face the incontrovertible reality of our nature and how to follow it with caution.
Trying to go against it is as futile as battling the course of the wind, for it will tear us apart. When acting against it, we deny ourselves and can enter states which in themselves are utterly destructive. Our only course of action is to take wing, and allow it to do the rest. 

Nourishment is thought only as that which the physical body requires to keep going. Certainly, as beings who exist as corporeal entities, we need food. This is what our organs break down and turn it into energy. We open our eyes and break our nightly fast. We exit our places of habitation and head to perform menial tasks for remuneration, and so on…day after day. Surely I need not go into the minutiae and trivialities of the mundane activities we get up to. Yet, it is the mundane which serves as a sort of baseline for that which is less than ‘usual’ about us. 

In a very real sense, we are like others in the natural world. We are born, we grow old and eventually expire. What happens afterwards is entirely up for debate. It is how we go through these stages which marks exactly how it is we deviate from the ‘norm’. Nature and evolution have taken billions of years to produce creatures as intricate as we, to be sure. 

And by ‘we’ I mean vampyres.


Such a charged word, there. Certainly, countless writers and authors have covered the subject ad nauseam. Since the inception of the idea and the myth, enough accounts and testimonies have been provided to fill an entire library, or more. Monstrous creatures in the night come to steal the life force of the living. How utterly terrifying.

I for one know that I am not one of those undead abominations. I am under no such delusion of grandeur. I am very much a breathing, living person with the same needs as other living organisms, with a small variation.

If we are familiar with genetics, a single change in one’s DNA brings forth a mutation. Enough changes and thus comes forth a whole different species. I am not, to the best of my knowledge other than homo sapiens. However, I do feel there is a need in me which is unmet by forms of gathering sustenance common to other carbon-based life-forms. And that is a certain hunger which goes far deeper.

When I mean hunger, you the reader may conjure up in your mind a ravenous, famished beast out to rip throats and tear bodies to shreds. If only it were that simple and dramatic. The appeal of the vampyre in film is their ease; Ease to just be away from civilization and to move in the shadows; Unseen and unencumbered by physical limitations, or the constraints of time and mortality.
I, however, am just as mortal as anybody else. My hunger presents itself in the form of an ‘energy’ deficiency. When I think energy, I think of that which is generated within living organisms, as well as particles bursting all around us in the universe. 

You, I, and all of us are made up of energy. Our bodies give off heat, and our cells burn and move, filled with it. It is then no small thing to make the claim which I am about to make. And that is of the existence of frequencies which are invisible to the eye. Perhaps on some subatomic level, they are all around us. And we, the gifted few are able to tap into them in some form of another. I am of the belief that our physical body is imbued with such frequencies and ‘subtler’, ethereal forces which coincide with the workings of our own physical body.

Were I not so sure of my own sanity, I would be as equally worried. There is no terminology which can be used to describe what I admittedly know to be true about myself without coming off as some vapid, New Age drivel. Some occultists and seekers of “hidden truths” within our community of “Psi Vampyres” are fond of using obscure language that coincides with and borrows from religious and spiritual philosophies. This, unfortunately, appears to be the only available manner of explaining that which we are to the world at large.

I will not deny the non-corporeal elements of my own nature and that which allows me to continue living a more full, healthy life. This I learnt after much introspection and reading the works of well-renowned individuals involved in these areas of expertise. 

As previously mentioned, though we receive ample health benefits which our physical body requires from consuming food, there has always been an additional need to take from that which is referred to as life force, or Qi (氣), in traditional Chinese culture, and which is present in life-forms.

Why this occurs has been hypothesized about. Some claim that it is due to some imbalance within our subtle bodies, which some would call ‘astral’ or ‘ethereal’. Perhaps even a deficit within the energy centres, referred to as chakras by the general population. As to what extent this is true, I do not exactly know.

All I know is that once I engage in this absorption of ‘energy’ from another, I feel better. For years I was riddled with physical afflictions such as migraines and nosebleeds, as well as bone fractures. Interaction with individuals claiming to be vampyres aided that which is known as ‘awakening’, and eventual increase in health.

I could say that the process was similar to discovering a new flavour of ice-cream. A flavour which can neither be described properly with words, nor can it be shown to others. How can I prove to you that this flavour exists if neither of us can describe what it tastes like? I truly hate the pitfalls of ‘faith’, or whatever it is we wish to refer to it as. Yet there it is, and it exists. It was very much like finding the Holy Grail, if I may be allowed to use such grandiose language. I understand it is not a panacea, and that all of a sudden I will not be granted complete immunity from the ills and the tribulations which plague us living beings. That would be quite silly and absurd of me.

In this discovery I found a way to gain access to it at any time, as well. I understood, in my own limited way, that it was something which my body had been missing. I cast off my so-called mentors whose agendas were less than savoury and focused on developing myself. For a period of about eight years I found a way to block this conscious form of feeding, so to speak. That time, where I had once more found myself at a crossroads proved to be unbelievably harmful to my health both physically and mentally, perhaps to the extent where neurological conditions which were perhaps dormant manifested fully, thus wreaking havoc on my psyche and my body. There was indeed a chasm which could not be filled by anything. Not relationships, food or frivolous activities which were borderline dangerous seemed to do anything for me.

Perhaps it met my requirements; As one ravenous beast would feast even on the dregs and the leftover carcasses of roadkill, so I took whatever was given me without a second thought. 

It is now, nearing my thirty-first year of life that I have gained a much better understanding of myself. Past the mythological and over-romanticised aspects of being a vampyre, and the flawed teachings of those I once trusted. I understand why I do what I must do, and I must do so selectively. And as I am today a vegan, so am I an ethical vampyre who carefully chooses who it is I take Qi from. For what my subtle body takes interferes entirely with the rest of my physical body in ways which not even I can fully comprehend. Mens sana in corpore sano.

Furthermore, I have finally encountered someone who is just as interested in my well-being as myself. It is through his help that I am able to now accept and embrace who I am. 

Vampyrism is different for us all. Some may link it to a spiritual development, whereas others regard it as an extension of their own physiological processes. Maybe it is both, or something else entirely.
We have a dual ending: That of our childhood, and that of our mundane lives, if that is what we decide to refer to them as. In the end, only each and every one of us gets to decide what it really means to be a vampyre.